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SHAKE SHAKE SHRINK and ZUMBA® with Salsa Viva Dance in 2016.  The most Fun and Effective Workout, Ever!

The perfect combo of fun and fitness has made Zumba® classes a world-wide phenomenon. Over 15 million people are taking a Zumba® class around the world. Currently now taught in 200,000 locations in 180 countries. Cindy Calderon pioneered Zumba in her home town of Perth in 2009 and currently leads her dynamic team offering over 30 Zumba® classes a week in 16 locations in Perth.  Take your first step TODAY and Zumba® with Cindy and her team at Salsa Viva Dance!

ZUMBA® combines easy moves with Latin music to form a unique fitness program which incorporates the principles of interval training: a fast-then-slow exercise rhythm proven to maximize the impact of a workout.

Salsa Viva Dance Studio principal Cindy Calderon learned ZUMBA® from Beto Perez, the inspiring ZUMBA® founder who rose from humble origins to become an international success story.

“He is the master of the flowing and connection of the moves, master of the synergy of the music and the movements together,” Cindy said.

“Beto met everyone individually and he was very warm and welcoming. He made everybody feel comfortable,” she said of her first instructor’s class for ZUMBA® in Miami, Florida.

“When he spoke of his own experience as a struggling aerobics instructor, he gave a lot of hope to all of the people there. He’s a very supportive, feel-good and inspirational guy.”

Visit the Salsa Viva Dance Studio website dedicated to ZUMBA® website for more information and timetable our fun and fantastic classes.


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