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With degree qualifications and extensive teaching experience, our lead instructors bring authenticity and professionalism to every class.

Cindy Calderón

Cindy CalderónCindy Calderon’s dance career began early in her home town Perth, starting with jazz ballet and contemporary before expanding into tap, ballroom, funk and flamenco. At 17, Cindy was selected for the WA Academy of Dance and Drama to develop a professional level of technical dance expertise.

Fast-forward through a 16-year business career to 2000, when Cindy rediscovered her love of dance with the warm, infectious Latin rhythms of Cuban Salsa. Before long she was an instructor and a manager at Juan Rando Dance Academy, Perth’s largest Salsa and Argentine Tango school.

In 2007 Cindy traveled to Cuba with husband Carlos, where they gained Diplomas in a number of Latin dance styles. Their dance journey continued through such exotic locations as Suriname, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and Miami before returning home to teach the craft to Perth’s next generation of Latin dancers.

Cindy is Australia’s original teacher of ZUMBA®, learning the technique and philosophy of this booming dance fitness craze from its founder Beto Perez and currently managing nine instructors.

Carlos Calderón

Born in El Salvador, Carlos was immersed in Latin music from an early age, with a background in traditional South American dances Cumbia and Merengue. It wasn’t until his adult years that Carlos took up Salsa, just a few months before his future wife Cindy began at the same dance school.

Together Carlos and Cindy gained Diplomas in a range of Latin dance styles under the tutelage of Cuban masters, professors Rafael Navarro Gomez in Santiago de Cuba and Mayra Gonzales Ramirez in Havana. The couple then established Salsa Viva Dance School in the South American nation Suriname, before relocating to Perth where Carlos’ love of Latin dance has resonated with residents of his new home. Hundreds of students have attended Salsa Viva Dance School not only for his impeccable credentials as a dancer and teacher, but also to share his passion for the craft.


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